Self-soothing is the ability to offer ourselves kindness, comfort and compassion.

It allows us to manage distress, overwhelming emotions, difficult memories, and challenging life situations with greater ease and confidence. Self-soothing allows us to feel more comfortable in our own skin. It teaches us to look within rather than reach for something outside ourselves to feel better.

Next group begins Wednesday,September 27th, 2017. 

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"Through the Self-Soothing Skills group, I now
have tools to overcome personal barriers
and reconnect with my creative self."

~Tessa D.

"I feel more relaxed. I listen to myself more
carefully and deeply. I am convinced that
giving myself love helps others around me." 

~Stephanie V.


In this eight week class, learn The Art & Science of Self-Soothing as I guide you through skills to generate a sense of calm, safety, and trust within.

This self-soothing skills training is structured around five core practices: self-compassion, emotional freedom technique, relaxation, creativity, and listening to ourselves. This is not a process group, but a skills group offered in a class-style format. 

Each group begins with a relaxation practice followed by the presentation of a new skill, group practice, discussion, and guided writing/drawing. You will complete this skills group with practical tools to slow down, relax your mind and body, and listen to your own needs. 

I created this class for individuals who experience anxiety, inner criticism, perfectionism, low self-esteem, fear, co-dependency, and overwhelm. These tools are especially helpful for folks with a history of trauma, individuals in addiction recovery, and anyone feeling overwhelmed by daily life.

All are welcome.

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"Carrie introduced practices and tools I was able to
use right away. I looked forward to every week's session
as time I could relax and focus on my needs and goals related to healing and growth.

The environment Carrie created was warm, light and nurturing. I feel so much more in touch with my feelings
and more able to give myself compassion and kindness in dealing with my life." 

~ Shelley F.





Drawing upon Mindful Self-Compassion research, we will build a compassionate foundation for you to engage these practices. Using
guided meditation, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and the Three
Elements of Self-Compassion
 I will support you to offer yourself
compassion in a tangible and practical way. 

Self-Compassion is not just a feel-good idea that we either have
or we don't. It is a practice and a way of being with ourselves that,
over time, becomes a framework within which we live. 









I will teach you to use EFT to reduce anxiety, stress, overwhelm, 
critical thoughts, worry, and fear. Step out of spinning thoughts and
drop into  the direct experience of your body. 

EFT is used for everything from panic attacks to sleep to physical pain
and trauma resolution. Studies have found that EFT significantly
regulates cortisol in the body and calms the fear center in the brain.

Once you learn this tool, you can use it on your own as a daily practice
and to address specific challenges. 



We will explore guided meditation, mindfulness, and
self-hypnosis for slowing down, getting present,
and relaxing your mind and body.  

Practice being with yourself in this simple and quiet
way in the safe space of our group. I will support you
to get more familiar and comfortable with your inner
world so you can meet yourself with acceptance and
kindness rather than resistance.

We will use relaxation to receive our whole selves,
soften to what is, and open to our inherently
creative nature.  



I will guide you to use art as a healing modality as you focus on
engaging our innate creativity as medicine.

Art as Healing does not focus on technique or product, but rather
connecting with ourselves and allowing the process of expressing
and creating to hold value. 

I will guide you in visual meditation, collage-work, and journaling
to support you in learning from your creative nature.



We will create space to listen to the deeper parts of ourselves as a
path to trusting from the inside out. All of the tools we will be working
with in this group invite us to quiet our thoughts and connect with the
wisdom and guidance of our bodies, feelings, and intuition. 

I will support you to soothe your system so that it feels safe to listen
to the deeper wisdom that our bodies and our unconscious can
offer us. 


Fall 2017 Guest Teachers

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Aviva Levine
Trusting the Body's Wisdom

"Trained as a Forrest Yoga teacher under Ana Forrest, Aviva is fascinated with the body’s ability to transform and she is inspired to help others experience this evolution within themselves. She supports cultivating a deeper connection to the body and Spirit through Yoga, Pilates, TRE® and Craniosacral work. Embracing compassion, curiosity and humor, Aviva provides tender space to move from struggle and limitation, towards integration of body, mind and soul.

Finding comfort in movement, Aviva studied multiple styles of dance and played competitive ultimate frisbee. After a lifetime of physical activity, multiple injuries led her Forrest Yoga where she found renewed strength and vitality. Deeply affected by her own experiences with TRE® and receiving Craniosacral work, she completed her TRE® Certification and is currently practicing within a Craniosacral Certification program."
Learn more about Aviva's work and offerings.


Britt Barrett
Ayurveda for Anxiety - A holistic approach to self care when fear and anxiety arise.

Have you ever wondered why certain foods make you feel grounded and nourished and other foods can actually make you feel unsettled and restless? Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of holistic medicine that can help heal the mind, body and soul through making simple, yet powerful changes to our diet and lifestyle. This class will be focused on how to help reduce fear and anxiety specifically. 

"Born and raised in the Bay Area, Britt grew up exploring all the wonders of the golden state. She always felt deeply connected to nature and intrigued by its healing properties. In 2006, Britt began dealing with a series of health issues, and was subsequently diagnosed with an incurable chronic digestive disease. Refusing to accept that there was no solution, she scoured the internet for answers and even traveled to several countries searching for possible remedies. She discovered Ayurveda in 2009 - changing her diet and lifestyle dramatically to balance her body, mind and spirit. Within weeks she began seeing huge improvements to her health and well being, and after one year of following this dietary and lifestyle protocol, Britt was left with no trace or symptoms of her ailment. Inspired to improve the lives of others through sharing the life-changing outcomes of the practice, she studied for three years under Acharya Shunya (author of "Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom") to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Wellness Counselor. Britt founded Daily Ayurveda in 2012, and now leads Ayurvedic retreats and corporate wellness workshops around the world." Learn more about Britt's work and offerings.



Week #1:  Self-Compassion As Practice

Week #2   EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques

Week #3   Getting Better At Stress: Stress Mindset & Relaxation Practices

Week #4   Guest Teacher, Aviva Levine: Trusting the Body's Wisdom

Week #5   A Sanctuary Within: Guided Meditation for Inner Calm

Week #6   Guest Teacher, Britt Barrett: Ayurveda for Anxiety

Week #7   Tending to Our Inner Child

Week #8   Visual Meditation & the Language of the Unconscious


“This class had a giant impact on my life, and even
AFTER the class, I still have amazing insights.

I can “see” my attitudes and decide to change, remain
the same or take more time if I have a larger struggle.
I have become more aware instead of having a total
reaction to everything. I just know I was ready and

~Sara R.



$350 includes eight class meetings, beautiful class handouts, a comprehensive list of resources, a hard-cover art journal, and
my downloadable collection of MP3 recordings to guide you
through each practice on your own.


WHERE:     1516 Oak Street
                   Alameda, CA 94501

WHEN:      Eight Wednesday Evenings  
                   September 27th through November 15th, 2017
                   7:00-9:00 pm. 


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"I feel capable and comfortable to be able to get to a place of inner Self where I feel safe, focused, and worry-free. I feel confident enough to tackle future issues with the tools I've been given. I've gotten to know myself better.

Being around other kind, caring individuals has helped to provide context and share experiences where I do not feel alone. The group setting has been a wonderful format
that increased my level of connectedness to others. 

I am so incredibly impressed with the amount of specific tools, sources and overall structure that Carrie has
provided in her course.

I appreciate it so much and would highly recommend the group to anyone struggling or wanting to take their
inner journey to the next level!”

~Sharon B. 



The first step in the registration process is scheduling a brief, complimentary consultation with me. This gives us a chance to connect in conversation, for you to ask any questions you may have about the group, and for us to assess whether the group is a good match for you and your needs.

Click the button below to begin the registration process or call me at 510.907.0075 to set up your consultation and register over the phone.
Feel free to contact me here with any questions.


“I learned so many different techniques to practice self-care,
self-love, and compassion towards myself through Carrie's Self-
Soothing Skills Group. I am a perfectionist and have always
given myself a hard time when I don't do things perfectly. I learned
through Carrie to be more compassionate with and kinder to myself.
Once I learned that skill, I've been so much happier, less stressed,
and able to handle challenges more gracefully! Now I am more
motivated to pursue those dreams that I've always contemplated,
but never thought I could accomplish perfectly." 

~Emily W.


About Carrie

I support individuals and groups to slow down, simplify their thoughts, and
self-soothe.  I help folks shift painful thought patterns and change their relationship to stress. I guide my clients to decrease anxiety and resolve trauma. 

I work with many people struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, overwhelm, unresolved trauma, and critical thoughts. My approach is practical, intuitive, and creative.  I hold a warm and compassionate space for my clients to know themselves more completely. 

I believe we each carry the wisdom of our own growth within us. 
I help people stay connected to that wisdom.