“A home should have soul, something metaphorically akin to an embrace.”

~Ilse Crawford



Tending the Hearth is a unique experience with three parts: clearing physical clutter, healing the emotional layers around clutter, and cultivating sacred space in your home. Together, through a series of consultations, we will clear physical clutter and emotional overwhelm that keeps you immobilized so you can move toward increased clarity to focus on what matters to you most. 

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Clearing Physical Clutter

I will support you clear, sort, organize, and let go of objects.
We will care for your space and the things in it.

Shedding the Emotional Layers Around Clutter

I believe folks who struggle with clutter are deeply feeling people. Many folks experience shame around their clutter. Clutter can overwhelm us and distract us. Clutter can also keep us separate from our own deeper needs and desires. We will work with your feelings around clutter so you can feel them without being immobilized.

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Cultivating Sacred Space in Your Home

Sacred space can be found or created anywhere when we take the time to make something special, meaningful, and connected to our true nature. Sacred space evokes respect through honoring the senses and grounding into beauty. This process does not need to be fancy or expensive. We can be guided with care and intention by what is around us. 


Tending the Hearth is both practical and soulful.

Tending the Hearth is an opportunity to let go. To deepen into what enlivens you and allow that inspiration to be the guide in cultivating sacred space.
Sacred space that can nurture your creativity, healing, and presence. Sacred space that can fuel your work, art, and activism.


The hearth is the center of the home—the fire that provides heat for warmth and nourishment. It is a gathering of energy, focus, community. We can also see the hearth as the inner fire. The place we come back to within ourselves—our creativity, inspiration, resiliency, and capacity for growth.

Tending the Hearth is not about achieving perfection. A lived life is not perfect. A comfy, inviting space does not need to be perfect or expensive
to be inviting and supportive. This offering is specifically for folks who experience distress around the clutter. I do not believe that clutter is bad. If having stuff around you inspires you and makes you feel alive and full, that is beautiful.

This process is about finding beauty and satisfaction in the most simple things. A splash of color. A bowl of cool water. A flower picked from the garden.
It is about energetically clearing out what is getting in the way of having clarity in our lives. It is about creating a space of healing and nurturing in your home that feels like a reflection of who you are and what you care about.

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Let's make sure we are a good match to work together.
This will give us an opportunity to talk about the process, for you to ask questions, and for us to discuss your unique space and needs.


We use this time to explore the physical changes you want to make and the feelings that come up around your environment.
We will co-create a unique plan for your desires, feelings, and needs including a series of action steps to transform your physical space and engage an inner transformation. We will talk about what you love and what you don’t. What lights you up and inspires you.
What supports you to feel safe and supported. What is comforting to you.
We will also engage a simple ritual to open our process.


Clearing clutter, working with feelings that come up around the clearing, and dreaming into your sacred space. 
I will support you to surround yourself with what makes you feel spacious, inspired, and alive. We will exploring new ways of organizing and tending your space so that you can create opportunities to nurture your growth and expression.




One follow-up phone call.


When I was three, my dad, his brothers, my grandpop, and a handful of family friends built the house I grew up in.

My parents were teachers so we spent that summer on the land where they were building the house. It was surrounded by dirt and had a spring-fed pond. We moved into that house with more than half of it still bare wood. My dad spent the next two years finishing it after work at night and on weekends. We were surrounded by sawhorses, the smell of fresh sawdust, and creativity. My mom made our house a home as she adorned it with warmth. All of this made a huge impression on me. My childhood home is still one of my favorite places on earth to be.

This offering brings together so many of my deep loves in life. It is an offering of my heart, soul, and presence. It is my honor to join you in your home. It is my pleasure to help you create sacred space that reflects your true nature, allows for deep healing, and supports your life.

I love being home. I am an introverted, creative homebody. I like to make things special. A little nook in the corner of the room. The space on the kitchen sill you gaze at as you wash the dishes. The little shelf in your bathroom that holds your toothbrush. These are opportunities to create moments of intention and beauty. Simple, potent, and supportive.

I know that home does not feel full of heart and warmth for many people. Our connections with home can bring us back to painful experiences

This is an opportunity for healing….

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed by clutter….

Let’s discuss how I may be of service to you.