Tapping + the Climate Crisis

Tapping is a self-soothing, stress-reduction tool that builds our capacity to face challenging and uncomfortable experiences. Engaging the body, mind, and heart, I use this process with folks who are overwhelmed, self-critical, worried, scared, or experiencing racing thoughts. It is an effective tool for integrating and processing emotions and can be very containing for folks with unresolved trauma. Tapping can decrease the overwhelm of fear and often reduces tension in the body and the mind. It has been found to regulate the release of cortisol (a major stress hormone) and lower psychological distress. This can slow our process down a bit, reduce our resistance, and give us more clarity. It does not take away our feelings or change what is happening, but offers an opportunity to shift how we are relating to ourself and our challenges. Brainwave monitoring at the Exploring Consciousness with EFT Conference showed an increase in brain symmetry and a decrease in the higher frequency brain waves associated with anxiety, stress, and worry.

By pairing nervous system regulation (through tapping) with acknowledging what is uncomfortable we are building our capacity to honestly face reality. Through the tapping process, we can generate feelings of safety within. This inner safety allows us to face difficult feelings and experiences. This means we do not have to avoid, push away, or numb ourselves to our difficulties. We can experience them, take care of ourselves, and reach out for help when we need it.

I believe we can use tapping as a way of staying grounded and engaged in social justice issues. We as humans need to develop the tools of facing what is uncomfortable in order to shift the structures that are causing harm. Tapping is one of many tools to reduce stress, sooth our nervous system, and integrate our experience on as we face toward greater equity, justice, and sustainability.