Self-soothing is the ability to offer ourselves kindness, comfort and compassion.

It allows us to manage distress, overwhelming emotions, difficult memories, and challenging life situations with greater ease and confidence. Self-soothing allows us to feel more comfortable in our own skin. It teaches us to look within rather than reach for something outside ourselves to feel better.

Intro to Self-Soothing Skills
Saturday, January 26, 2019 from
10 am - 6 pm

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What folks say about past Self-Soothing Skills Workshops

"Through the Self-Soothing Skills group, I now have
tools to overcome personal barriers and reconnect
with my creative self."

~Tessa D.

"I feel more relaxed. I listen to myself more carefully
and deeply. I am convinced that giving myself love
helps others around me." 

~Stephanie V.

"Carrie introduced practices and tools I was able to
use right away...The environment Carrie created was
warm, light and nurturing. 

I feel so much more in touch with my feelings and more able to give myself compassion and
kindness in dealing with my life." 

~ Shelley F.

"I feel capable and comfortable to be able to get to a place of inner Self where I feel safe, focused, and
worry-free. I feel confident enough to tackle future issues with the tools I've been given. I've gotten to
know myself better.

Being around other kind, caring individuals has helped to provide context and share experiences where I
donot feel alone. The group setting has been a wonderful format that increased my level of connectedness
to others." 

~Sharon B.

“I learned so many different techniques to practice self-care, self-love, and compassion towards myself
through Carrie's Self-Soothing Skills Group. I am a perfectionist and have always given myself a hard time
when I don't do things perfectly. I learned through Carrie to be more compassionate with and kinder
to myself.

Once I learned that skill, I've been so much happier, less stressed, and able to handle challenges more
gracefully! Now I am more motivated to pursue those dreams that I've always contemplated, but never
thought I could accomplish perfectly." 

~Emily W.

“This class had a giant impact on my life, and even AFTER the class, I still have amazing insights.
I can “see” my attitudes and decide to change, remain the same or take more time if I have a larger struggle.
I have become more aware instead of having a total reaction to everything. 
I just know I was ready and it IS STILL WORKING." 

~Sara R.


Past Self-Soothing Skills Workshops

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SACRED VISION: Art As Healing 

Art as Healing does not focus on technique, but rather connecting with ourselves as we allow the process of creating to hold value. During this full day workshop, I will guide you to use art as a healing modality as we practice letting go of perfection and engage our innate creativity as medicine.

Together, we will practice guided relaxation, visual meditation, collage, and journal writing to explore our inherently creative nature. 

No prior art experience is necessary to participate. My Sacred Vision Coloring Collection is included with the workshop fee.


DEEP RELAXATION: Softening Resistance Toward Ourselves

Practice being with yourself in a simple and quiet way as we explore guided meditation, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis for slowing down, getting present, and relaxing your mind and body.  

We will use relaxation as a path to settle into what is, receive our whole selves, and open to our inherently creative nature. I will support you to get more familiar and comfortable with your inner world (no matter what is going on) so you can meet yourself with kindness and acceptance.

Included with the workshop fee is my collection of guided relaxation recordings.


Intro to EFT for Anxiety & the Inner Critic

In this workshop you will learn to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, self-criticism, and fear. Face your challenges honestly while practicing self-acceptance. 

EFT is a self-soothing tool that involves tapping on acupuncture points and focusing on a specific issue while holding ourselves with compassion. EFT is an evidence-based modality for anxiety, stress, physical pain, cravings, and trauma resolution. Studies have found EFT to significantly regulate cortisol  and activate the self-soothing system in the body and brain.
Learn more about EFT here.

I will be teaching you The Basic Recipe for Clinical EFT. We will practice together as a group and there will be time for 1:1 demos to learn more about how to use EFT on your own. 

You will leave this workshop with a solid foundation for using EFT as a daily
practice and to address specific challenges in your life with greater confidence and ease.

Learn more about EFT:
What Is Emotional Freedom Technique?
Emotional Freedom Technique: A Natural Container



Feel free to contact me in the form below or call me at 510.907.0075
with any questions about the workshop. 

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