Full Workshop Series

 $245 Early Bird Price
$260 Week of January 27th Workshop

There are a limited amount of spaces for the full workshop series option.
Available before the workshop series begins.

This Self-Soothing Skills Workshop Series for Women consists of three half-day and one full day workshop. Each workshop can be taken by
itself or you can attend all four as a cohesive series. Scroll down to learn more about each workshop topic.

All workshops will be held at Terra Cottage, a cozy community space nestled in a sweet neighborhood off High Street in Alameda. 

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Cultivating Self-Compassion

Saturday, January 27th  2-5pm

I believe Self-Compassion is a key aspect on our path of healing, growth, and collective liberation. Self-Compassion is not just a feel-good idea that we either have or we don't. It is a practice and a way of being with ourselves that can become a framework within which we live.

Self-compassion is associated with emotional intelligence and healthy responses to stress. Studies in Mindful Self-Compassion link the practice to decreased levels of depression, anxiety, stress, rumination, body shame and fear of failure as well as greater levels of life satisfaction, body appreciation, and motivation. 

Inspired by compelling research and using guided meditation, body awareness, and emotional freedom techniques, I will support you to offer yourself compassion in a practical and tangible way. 

Join me as we lovingly and plant the seeds of self-compassion together.

$50 Early bird price through January 19th
$55 Week of workshop

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Intro to EFT for Anxiety & the Inner Critic

Saturday, February 24th  2-5pm

I will teach you to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, self-criticism, and fear. Face your challenges honestly while practicing self-acceptance so you can drop into the direct experience and wisdom of your body. Once you learn EFT, you can practice it on your own whenever you like.

EFT is an evidence-based modality for anxiety, stress, physical pain, cravings, and trauma resolution. Studies have found EFT to significantly regulate cortisol in the body and calm the fear center in the brain.  

You will leave this workshop with a solid foundation for using EFT as a daily practice and to address specific challenges with greater confidence and ease.

$50 Early bird price through February 16th
$55 Week of Workshop


Deep Relaxation: Softening Resistance Toward Yourself

Saturday, March 24th  2-5pm

Practice being with yourself in a simple and quiet way as we  explore guided meditation, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis for slowing down, getting present, and relaxing your mind and body.  

We will use relaxation as a path to settle into what is, receive our whole selves, and open to our inherently creative nature. I will support you to get more familiar and comfortable with your inner world (no matter what is going on) so you can meet yourself with kindness and acceptance.

Included with the workshop fee is my collection of guided relaxation recordings.

$50 Early bird price through March 16th
$55 Week of workshop

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Sacred Vision: Art As Healing 

Saturday, April 21st  10-5pm

Art as Healing does not focus on technique or product, but rather connecting with ourselves as we allow the process of expressing and creating to hold value. 

During this full day workshop, we will practice guided relaxation, visual meditation, collage, and journal writing to support you in learning from your inherently creative nature. I will guide you to use art as a healing modality as we let go of perfection and engage our innate creativity as medicine.

No prior art experience is necessary to participate. 
My Sacred Vision Coloring Collection is included with the workshop fee.


$100 Early bird price through April 13th
$110 Week of workshop


Feel free to contact me in the form below or call me at 510.907.0075 with any questions about the workshop.

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