Imagery of spirals, triangles, circles, vulvas, and crescent moons can be found everywhere on Earth. 
When we gaze into these symbols, we are experiencing an aspect of our ancient, collective human language. 
We can tap into our collective consciousness and touch a part of our original medicine. 
Our sense of connection. 
Our belonging.

SACRED VISION is a collection of hand-drawn symbols for coloring, gazing, and meditating. 
It is an opportunity to slow down and connect with ourselves as we receive the wisdom of these timeless symbols. 
The images are intentionally simple for a calm and spacious experience. 


Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 6.39.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 6.39.19 PM.png


I created this collection because I experience these symbols as living,
breathing portals into our history and healing. 

I feel they can support us to cultivate awareness and intuition. I believe
they can help us remember the past and dream the future. 

Use this beautiful collection to:

  • Relax your body and mind
  • Simplify your thoughts
  • Activate your innate creativity and inspiration
  • Explore the symbols through direct experience
  • Connect with your essential self




With this collection, you will receive:

Thirteen hand-drawn coloring images. Each printed with black ink on high-quality, recycled cardstock.   

Companion Booklet. A hand-crafted booklet inviting you to engage the collection as a meditation. The booklet guides you through the concepts of the essential self, coloring as meditation, and art as a healing practice. It includes coloring prompts, journal questions, and resources for further exploration.   

Guided Audio. A guided audio walks you through the practice of creating your sacred space, relaxing into yourself, and exploring the sacred journal questions.
A link to download the audio is included when you receive the collection.

This edition is limited to 45 printings. 


May this offering guide you in
simplicity, bring you peace,
and leave you inspired. 


SACRED VISION is a physical product received through the mail.