“I’ve been seeing Carrie for regular hypnotherapy work for over a year now
and it has profoundly changed and healed and opened my life. 
I leave every session more connected to MY truth, 
more grounded and in love with Myself.  

Sessions with Carrie have been one of the best ways I have found
to connect with myself on a spiritual level, on a soul level, 
it has been a wonderful form of self-care and it has
literally allowed me to heal and release old trauma.” 

~Trina Spiller, Designer



Together we will step into the present moment so you can simplify your thoughts, listen to your body, and engage your heart.
Learn to accept yourself as you are. Open to new and creative ways of navigating your challenges.

I draw upon studies in counseling, hypnotherapy, energy psychology, expressive arts, and soulful exploration to offer you practical and creative support tailored to your unique being. Relax into yourself as you connect with your Essential Nature and bring new perspectives to your life. 

$120 per 90-minute session. In-person at my Alameda office, on the phone, or over Zoom.
Low-fee, sliding scale sessions available. 


Saturday, May 4th 1-4 pm
Vita 6034 College Avenue

I will teach you to use Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, critical thoughts, perfectionism, and fear. EFT (also known as Tapping) is a stress-reduction tool that combines tapping on acupuncture points and giving voice to our challenges while holding ourselves with compassion.

EFT eases tension around our experience, often softening resistance and increasing clarity. Tapping has been found to regulate cortisol and calm the fear center in the brain. Through this process, we can remove blocks to transformation and dissolve outdated thoughts and patterns as we move toward greater wellbeing.

EFT is an evidence-based modality for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sports performance, phobias, and trauma resolution. Once you learn this tool, you can use it on your own whenever you like. You will leave this workshop with a foundation for using EFT as a daily practice and to address specific challenges with greater ease and confidence.



Self-soothing is the ability to offer ourselves kindness, comfort and compassion. It allows us to manage distress, overwhelming emotions, difficult memories, and challenging life situations with greater ease and confidence. Self-soothing supports us to feel more comfortable in our own skin.
It teaches us to look within rather than reach for something outside ourselves to feel better.



This is a video where I guide you through a process for using Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping) to practice Self-Compassion.

Self-compassion as a practice can create a foundation of compassion within us that we can return to again and again.
With practice, self-compassion can become a framework within which we live and breathe.  



Sacred Vision is a collection of hand-drawn symbols for coloring, gazing, and meditating. It is an opportunity to slow down and connect with ourselves as we receive the wisdom of these timeless symbols. The images are intentionally simple for a calm and spacious experience. 


Wondering if we might be a good match to work together or have questions about the process?
Contact me below or give me a call at 510.907.0075 to set up a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

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