My approach to anxiety is holistic and multi-layered. We will look at how you personally experience your anxiety—bodily sensations, thoughts and worries, emotional and situational triggers, and how past experiences weave into your present life. I will offer you practical tools to slow down, simplify your thoughts, and decrease anxiety while supporting you to explore the deeper layers of your experience. Learn to engage your innate creativity, appreciate who you are, and move toward new perspectives and possibilities. 



I work with clients to cultivate a practice of self-compassion as an antidote to inner criticism and low self-esteem. Using emotional freedom technique, mindfulness self-compassion, and guided meditation, I can support you to shift your inner dialogue from one of criticism to one of  awareness, understanding, and compassion.



Self-soothing is the ability to offer ourselves kindness, comfort and compassion. It allows us to manage distress, overwhelming emotions, difficult memories, and challenging life situations with greater ease and confidence. I can teach you practical tools to soothe your body, mind, and nervous system so you can generate a sense of safety and calm within. With practice and over time these tools can become a framework within which we live. Please also check out my Self-Soothing Skills Group.


I offer EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) within my practice as an evidence-based trauma resolution tool. When EFT is facilitated by a practitioner within the container of a session it becomes much more than a self-help tool. EFT intervenes on the flight or fight response, decoupling traumatic experiences from the trauma response and helping to regulate the nervous system. Several studies have found EFT to alleviate PTSD symptoms in a period of 6-10 sessions. Read more EFT research here.


I work with clients in active recovery who are committed to integrating self-soothing tools, coping skills, and ongoing healing into their lives. Develop a deeper connection with yourself as you explore your own creativity, aliveness, and innate wisdom. 



Hypnotherapy and EFT are natural matches for working with fear and phobias. Learning to generate a sense of safety and comfort within ourselves is one of the foundational aspects of client-centered hypnotherapy and one of the first things I guide people through. Relaxation, hypnotherapy, and EFT have been found to regulate cortisol and turn off the fear center in the brain. EFT gives us a process by which we can de-link our fear response from the experience that stimulates the fear, allowing the brain, body, and nervous system to learn a new response. 


For those whose worldview includes a connection to spirit and soul, we can work together in cultivating a relationship with your Essential Self. From this foundation, we can explore your connection to loved ones who have died, past life regression therapy, and spirit releasement therapy to support you in living with deep awareness in the present moment while staying connected to the multiverse around you.