Wednesdays  June 14th, 21st & 28th
1516 Oak Street, Abe Koffman Conference Room
Alameda, CA  94501
6:30-8:30 pm  

In this 3-part training, you will learn:

1. How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to reduce overwhelm, fear, and anxiety.

EFT is a stress-reduction tool that involves tapping on acupuncture points while focusing on a specific challenge. EFT is used to effectively minimize overwhelm, anxiety, fear, tension, racing thoughts, panics attacks, and PTSD symptoms. EFT has been found to significantly regulate cortisol (a major stress hormone) in the body and intervene on the fight or flight response. EFT allows us to reduce the stress around an experience, think more clearly, and manage whatever is going on with increased ease and confidence. Read more about EFT here. 

Once you learn this tool it is yours to use on your own whenever you want. 
Supportive materials and resources will be provided to develop your EFT practice on your own. 

2. The science of the stress response, stress mindset, and getting better at stress.

We will talk about different types of stress responses and the hormones involved. I will share with you the latest research on stress mindset (what we think and believe about stress) and how our stress mindset influences how stress impacts us. 

We will practice ways to get better at stress through simple interventions so you can feel more empowered in navigating and reducing stress in your daily life. 

3. Relaxation and self-compassion practices for greater ease, clarity, and connection.

I will guide you through a series of relaxation practices based in mindful self-compassion and self-hypnosis. Learn how to slow down, connect with your body, and generate inner dialogue that is supportive and kind. We will talk about the connection between self-compassion, mental health, and wellbeing.

Included is my collection of guided relaxations and a resource list for beginning your own daily meditation and relaxation practice. 


Fee: $100  Includes three class meetings, workbook, and my collection of guided relaxations.

You can register online by clicking the button below or call me at 510.907.0075 to register over the phone.
Feel free to also contact me with any questions you might have about the class. 

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About Carrie

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and soulful guide offering hypnotherapy,
emotional freedom technique, sandplay therapy, and creative inquiry. 

I support individuals and groups to slow down, simplify their thoughts, and
self-soothe.  I help folks shift painful thought patterns and change their
relationship to stress. I guide my clients to decrease anxiety and
resolve trauma. 

I believe we each carry the wisdom of our own growth within us. 
I help people to remember and stay connected to that wisdom.