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Thank you for joining me for this guided experience. May it leave you with a sense of ease and a little more room to breathe into yourself. 

I believe self-compassion and self-acceptance are foundational aspects of our growth, healing, and collective liberation. It is my wish to make the practice of self-compassion tangible and accessible which is why I have created this simple Self-Compassion Practice using Emotional Freedom Techniques. We will practice together by engaging the body, mind, and heart. 

Please hit play and follow along as I guide you through this Self-Compassion Practice. Every once in a while this practice can be overwhelming for people.
If this happens, please stop and check out Tips for Practice.


EFT & Self-Compassion

EFT and Self-Compassion are natural companions. Both have been found to regulate cortisol and turn on the self-soothing aspect of our nervous system, allowing us to feel more calm and safe within our bodies. They can both offer us clarity and greater perspective while deepening our connection to ourselves. 

This makes Self-Compassion and EFT great resources for folks struggling with anxiety, trauma, perfectionism, worry, overwhelm, and critical thoughts.

We get to choose how we respond.

We don’t get to choose everything that happens in our lives, but we can choose how we respond. We can choose how we are going to hold ourselves within our experience. We can choose how we are going to talk ourselves through our challenges. 

One of our choices is to embrace ourselves with compassion. 
We can learn to be compassionate with ourselves no matter what is going on in our lives. 

Self-Compassion As Practice

Self-compassion as a regular practice creates a foundation of compassion within us that we can return to again and again.
With practice, self-compassion can become a framework within which we live and breathe.  

The statements I created are inspired by the Three Elements of Self-Compassion (mindfulness, shared humanity, and self-kindness) by Kristin Neff based on her research on Mindfulness Self-Compassion. These self-soothing statements are meant to offer you a little space to hold yourself with gentleness and care. The statements do not correlate with the specific points in any way.

Use the statements that resonate with you. Disregard those that don't resonate. You can also create your own statements.

I recommend doing the points in this order, but don’t worry if you forget or skip over a point. 
Trust yourself to integrate this practice in whatever way feels good to you. 

Use this practice first thing in the morning, when you are struggling, or when you notice your inner critic. 

Go through the process as many times as you like. 
Afterward, spend a few minutes sitting quietly and gently noticing how you feel. 

Download a written PDF of the process here. 

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