Welcome. My name is Carrie Flemming.

I am a hypnotherapist and soulful guide offering hypnotherapy, EFT, sand play therapy, and reiki. 

I support people to slow down, simplify their thoughts, and self-soothe. I help folks shift painful thought patterns and change their relationship to stress. 
I guide my clients to decrease anxiety and resolve trauma. 

The heart of my work is supporting people to stay with, accept, and trust themselves.

Sessions are held at my Oakland office, over the phone and on Skype. 

Please scroll down to experience my philosophy. Join me for a guided meditation
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When we allow ourselves to be exactly where we are, we allow ourselves to be in our power. Facing ourselves honestly, we have agency.

When we become receptive to what is—we create space to see what is not working. Sometimes it’s hard to face what is because we feel overwhelm, shame, or self-judgment. 

When we stop fighting ourselves, we can use that energy to support ourselves in new ways. It’s like taking the bandaid off of a wound and letting it breathe. 

When we stop resisting our experience, we become more connected to ourselves. When we make room for all of ourselves to exist, we allow ourselves to be human.

Let's practice.

I invite you to bring your awareness to your breath. 
You don't need to change anything about your breathing. 

Feel it move through your nostrils or across your lips.

Feel what is present in you right now. 

 Allow room for all of your thoughts and feelings and sensations.
There is no need to fight any of it. 

Allow your body to soften. 

Give yourself permission to be exactly as you are.

There is nothing to change. No one in particular that you have to be.
Nothing to do in this moment.

Notice how your body feels. 
Notice what thoughts and emotions arise. 

Allow them... 

Hold them with care... 

Hold yourself like you would hold a precious loved one or
a newborn baby... 

That gently. 

That in awe.