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My name is Carrie Flemming.

I support individuals and groups to slow down, simplify their thoughts, and
self-soothe.  I help folks shift painful thought patterns and change their relationship to stress. 

I guide my clients to decrease anxiety and resolve trauma. 

I work with folks struggling with and recovering from addiction to integrate healthy coping skills, self-compassion, relaxation, and creativity into their lives. 

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and soulful guide offering hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique, creative inquiry, and deep listening. Sessions are held at my Alameda office, over the phone and on Skype. 

I believe when we allow ourselves to be exactly as we are--to feel our feelings, notice our thoughts, and acknowledge our sensations--we create a foundation for connection.

That foundation begins with our connection to ourselves. 

Sometimes it's hard to face ourselves because we feel overwhelm, shame, or self-judgment.
Yet by facing ourselves honestly, we step into our power.

When we stop fighting ourselves, we can use that energy to support ourselves
in new ways. As we stop resisting our experience, we become more connected to our truth. 

As we make room for the different aspects of ourself to exist, we allow ourselves to be human. 
And as we allow ourselves to be human, we come to realize that we are not alone. 

We do not have to go through our challenges alone. 

We can reach out for support.

We can share our inner world with a competent guide.

I first learned this seventeen years ago in my early twenties.  

During my last year of college, anxiety began to fill my days. I spent a year not talking about what was going on inside because I didn't think anyone would understand. I was scared and lonely even when surrounded by people who loved me. 

Eventually, with the help of my family, I connected with my first therapist. Within twenty minutes it was clear she understood what was happening inside of me. I felt so much relief in being seen with compassion and understanding. She reassured me, supported me, and guided me. After a few months, I began to feel like myself again.

This experience changed my life forever. Within six months, I was headed west to begin a graduate program in counseling and diving deep into my own process of self-exploration and healing. Since then, I have supported hundreds of individuals as they get to know themselves, meet challenges, and navigate transitions.  

It is possible to become unstuck. It is possible to grow and heal and thrive.   

So, let's practice connecting in this moment together.

Begin to notice your breath. Yes, that's it.  

Feel what is present in you right now. 

Allow room for all of your thoughts and feelings and sensations. 

There is no need to fight any of it. 

 Give yourself permission to be exactly as you are.

Allow your body to soften.

There is nothing to change. 

No one in particular that you have to be. 

You might even put the palm of your hand on the middle of your chest and feel your breath move through.

Notice how your body feels. 

Notice what thoughts and emotions arise. 

And allow them... 

Hold them with care... 

That gently... 

That in awe...

This is the heart of my work. Guiding folks to stay with, accept, and trust themselves. 
If you would like a simple way to practice accepting yourself just as you are, download my free guided meditation below. 

If you are interested in learning self-compassion and calming skills to ease anxiety, overwhelm, perfectionism, or critical thoughts,
please join my next Self-Soothing Skills Group

Or get in touch and let's talk about how I can support you around the specific challenges you face.