Hello. My name is Carrie Flemming.

I am a hypnotherapist and soulful guide. 

I believe we are most powerful in the present moment. 
I offer services to help folks reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in their bodies and minds.
I teach people to calm their nervous system, simplify their thoughts, and engage their innate creativity as a path to feeling more connected to themselves.

The heart of my work is supporting people to feel empowered by being with, accepting, and trusting themselves.

Welcome. Take a deep breathe...feel your feet on the floor...
scroll down for the next step... 

I am happy you are here. 

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An invitation...

When we allow ourselves to be exactly where we are, we allow ourselves to be in our power.

Facing ourselves, we have agency.

When we become more receptive to what iswe can change what is not working. I am not saying it’s easy (although it can be) but I will say it’s worth it.

Sometimes it’s hard to face what is because we feel ashamed, overwhelmed, or judgmental. Often, acknowledging what we think or feel is enough to allow it to shift. It’s like taking the bandaid off of a wound and letting it breathe. 

When we stop fighting ourselves, we can use that energy to support ourselves in new ways.

When we stop resisting our experiences, we are more connected to ourselves. When we make room for all of ourselves to exist, we allow ourselves to be human. We make room for possibility...


I invite you to allow yourself to feel what is present in you right now. 

Take a deep breathe. Allow room for all of your thoughts and feelings and sensations.
There is no need to fight them. 
Allow your body to soften.

There is nothing to change. Nothing you have to be. 

Give yourself permission to be exactly as you are.

Notice how your body feels.

Notice what thoughts and emotions arise.

Allow them. Hold them with care. Like you would a newborn baby.

That gently. That in awe. That open to yourself.